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A happy healthy pain-free animal is what we strive to accomplish here at Current Equine Therapy. Lynn has the skills to help you and your horse in their time of need.

 Mobilization And Range Of Motion Techniques Service

We are excited to offer a variety of services and packages that utilize myofascial work, deep tissue, microcurrent, and thermography scanning, relaxation, and relief of pain and tension. We provide a professional blend of client-specific techniques that may include deep tissue, myofascial, trigger point, stretching, and energy work.

Manual therapy includes a hands-on postural, pain and mobility assessment. The treatment addresses soft tissue and joint restrictions, including myofascial release, deep tissue work,  spine and extremity mobilization utilizing release techniques.

The Equine Leg Saver is a wonderful addition to treating lameness, and stiffness, easing arthritis, address infections and general health issues in the horse. Microcurrent attacks inflammation at a cellular level for accelerated healing and provides significant results. This device uses ting point electrotherapy, a holistic, multi-frequency method to treat the area of injury by affecting the body's own electrical pathways. It is very well tolerated by the horse and cost-effective.